“I have never roasted my own coffee, and to be honest I am a bit nervous about it.  The home roasters out there are either extraordinarily expensive or seem to be difficult to use and get “right”.  Your roaster almost seems too good to be true, is it?”.

You are precisely the kind of coffee lover that we want to reach with our Power Roaster and our philosophy. Roasting coffee is very easy but has been made into something needlessly complex. We have already included a 3 step guide in our campaign:

Step 1:  Weigh the coffee and put it in the chamber

Step 2:  Turn the machine on.

Step 3:  Turn the machine off when your desired roast level has been reached.

By roasting your coffee with our Power Roaster, it is actually that simple. We understand that many people will not believe it until they try it.  That's Okay, we are passionate, but also patient, and view this as a long-term endeavor to convert one coffee drinker at a time. We know it will still seem like our solution is "too good to be true", until you try it, and then you will understand and everything will make sense.



Our machine differs substantially from other home coffee roasters. We have purposefully identified drawbacks to other machines and have wanted to improve these aspects as well as make our machine more elegant in design, more easy to use, function better, and cost less.

1. Design - Typical home roasters look like ordinary kitchen appliances. From the outset we have wanted to make our machine look unique, contemporary, and elegant.

2. Complexity - Roasting coffee is really a very simple and easy thing to do if you have the right equipment. Many people are intimidated when it comes to roasting coffee because they think they need advanced knowledge of the process. We have decades of experience roasting coffee with all kinds of machines from home roasters to commercial roasters. As long as a consistent heat source is used and the coffee is exposed evenly to that source, it is as simple as turning on the heat and turning it off. This is why we have designed our machine with a simple on/off switch. We use the "Fluid Bed" roasting technique in order to accomplish this.

3. Function - Our years of testing different prototypes of our machine has resulted in the perfection combination of materials that will roast 120 grams of coffee in about 6 minutes. We have decided on this amount and this time frame because we think it works the most efficiently for most households. It also produces a result that is amazingly even and consistent without any scorching or "tipping" present.

4. Cost - Other machines on the market vary in price from about $175 USD up to several thousand USD for home coffee roasters! We believe that the higher priced machines are not within the budget of the average coffee enthusiast. This is why we have priced our machine towards the lower end of the market. We want to reach as many people as possible because we know how fresh roasting your own coffee makes the most significant improvement possible to your coffee experience.


The Power Roaster consists of 3 basic functions working simultaneously; a heating element, a fan, and a motor.

We have created a 1,360 watt machine that injects hot air through the roasting chamber, thereby agitating the coffee beans and enveloping them with this hot air. This technique is referred to as "Fluid Bed Roasting" and is considered the more advanced and refined technique for roasting coffee.

Most "Fluid Bed Roasters" are much higher priced than their "Drum Roaster" counterparts. We have experience with both and have been using both for decades. We have figured out a way to be able to use the preferred "Fluid Bed Roasting" technique as well as keep the cost of the Power Roaster down. This is because of the specific design and function of each of the machines components. For years we have been testing and refining each component, and combinations thereof, in order to perfect our machine before bringing it to the market.
The result is a superior machine in both form and function and represents the best value of any coffee roaster, home or commercial, on the market!


Your machine will come with 1 kilo of green coffee (which will last about 1 month for the average coffee drinker), and we will have options for you to buy more green coffee from different origins from around the world in manageable sizes (1 – 5 kilos). The bulk of our offerings will be 100% Arabica, however, we will be introducing some native varieties from different coffee growing regions. We believe that these native coffees (which are not commercially grown) offer some remarkable properties and tastes that commercially grown coffees do not. Eventually we will also expand into aged green coffee as the health benefits are enhanced by aging green coffee (lower acidity and lower caffeine just to name a couple).


es, after the Kickstarter campaign we will offer the Power Roaster for sale on our website, www.powerroaster.com . This will be an e-commerce site that will not only have Power Roasters and spare parts, but will also include continuous supplies of green coffee. Additionally, we will be including Power Roaster accessories. as well as our own brand of coffee grinders and brewing machines. We want to become your one-stop source for all your coffee needs!


Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on the Power Roaster (shipping to be paid by customer) and we will also be offering to repair and/or replace machines at an affordable price.


The Power Roaster will be manufactured by an electrical home appliances manufacturer, whom we have been collaborating with since 2017. In order to ensure it meets safety standards, the Power Roaster will be certified for every one of the countries the backers come from.

As the Power Roaster will generate heat like an oven, toaster or stove, usual care must be taken when roasting coffee.


No. This is precisely why we have created this machine to make roasting coffee accessible to all. Roasting coffee is not rocket science, it is a simple and easy procedure where heat is applied to the coffee beans. With the Power Roaster, the only decision the operator has to make is when to stop the roast based upon their personal preference, the machine does the rest.


We cannot stress enough the benefits to roasting your own coffee. There are 4 major telltale signs that distinguish roasting your own coffee from buying already roasted coffee. They are:

1. The aromas you will experience - both from the roasting process as well as when you grind your fresh roasted coffee beans. This is the first sign you are on your way to that perfect cuppa!

2. Crema in your brew - when you brew your coffee, you will notice the presence of Crema (the light brown froth) in ALL forms of brewing, from espresso, drip, french press, pourover, etc. You will see this "aliveness" when the water hits the coffee.

3. Taste - when you take that first sip, you will notice that the "bitterness" that you are used to tasting does not seem to be present. Instead you will experience a more well rounded flavor. This is because in coffee that has just been roasted, there are elements that are not just bitter but are also sweet, sour, floral, etc. In old roasted coffee, the bitterness remains while the other elements are long gone.

4. The way it makes you feel - the effect of the coffee on your brain and body. Fresh roasted coffee will make you feel not only wide-eyed and awakened, but also positive, happy, and creative.


                  The Power Roaster will roast 120 grams in 6 minutes or less, isn't that too fast?

There are different methods to roasting coffee. The majority of commercial roasting operations use a drum roaster whereby the coffee is placed in a stainless steel drum and is rotated over a flame fueled by propane or even by wood on the older machines. This method takes a lot of time to roast the coffee.

The method that the Power Roaster uses is called the Fluid Bed Roasting method and it is much more efficient and roasts the coffee much faster.

Whatever method is being used, the end result is that the coffee reaches a certain temperature and cracks. There are two cracks. Depending on how you like your coffee roasted (light to dark), you will stop your roast somewhere between first crack and the end of the second crack. How much time it takes for the coffee to reach the "cracking" temperature is less significant. In Fluid Bed Roasters it's much faster than drum roasters. Either way, the same end point is reached. We recommend stopping your roast when it reaches the color that you like. If you are not sure yet how you like it, even better, you get to try it different ways until you know which way you like it best.


Can you please explain the $300 USD price tag on the Power Roaster?

There are several cost components involved in order to bring the Power Roaster into your kitchen. Here are some of the costs: material costs, production of the individual components, assembly, QA, packaging, shipping, tooling, safety certification and support.

We are using very high quality materials and have made this machine to last for years to come. There is a one year warranty on the Power Roaster and we are making available spare parts so you don't have to buy an entire machine if something should break (the glass chamber for instance). We would not offer our warranty if The Power Roaster was not created as a solid durable machine.

We have also priced the Power Roaster as a more affordable roaster to make home coffee roasting available to more people. Other machines on the market cost many times more than ours and produce a result that is less efficient in quantity and time.

From the outset we wanted to create a machine that met our three criteria; easy to use (just a simple on/off switch), convenient (6 minutes or less to roast 120 grams), affordable (our machine is priced on the low end of the market).....and we designed the Power Roaster to look great; unique, contemporary, and modern.


Asher says in his TEDx talk that the coffee does need a “rest” period after roasting. When should I be using my coffee after roasting to get the maximum benefits?

If there is one thing Asher could change in his TEDx talk it is that exact point! He has changed his mind about “resting” (also referred to as “degassing”), and now believes that coffee should be ground and brewed immediately after roasting and cooling to room temperature.

At the time of the TEDx talk in 2012, Asher was only creating commercial coffee roasters, from 3 kg – 8kg machines. Although he was roasting every day for his Café’s and wholesale business, it was not possible to do testing on shorter time periods. He was able to test as close as 11 hours from roasting which is why he mentions that time period in his talk. After creating the first Power Roaster prototypes he started testing in shorter time periods from roasting and found that the closer to roasting the better.

For testing he was using rigorous parameters and enlisting the help of 2 Sommeliers (wine tasters) with highly developed palates. All tests were blind and used the same coffee origin, crop, and roast. The results were unanimous time and time again and showed that the closer the coffee was to when it was roasted, the more energy, aliveness, and power it had. The tests were not about identifying specific flavors, but about identifying the potency of the chemical substances, the “buzz” factor if you will.