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asher yaron

the coffee freak


Asher Yaron has been a Coffee F.R.E.A.K. for over 10 years.  He has been involved in every stage of the coffee making process, “from the cherry to the cup”.

His research and discoveries about coffee focus on the pharmacological effects this natural substance has on the human brain and body.

His passion is to share his coffee knowledge and experience with as many people as possible through his teachings and online “Coffee University”.  He truly believes that the powerful effects of Arabica coffee can change people’s lives for the better!






Raymond Lay, provides "Really Really Fresh Coffee" for everyone who loves a delightful cup of coffee, delivering a fresh roasted experience through events such as the Singapore Coffee Festival, EarthFest and many more.

Ray grew up drinking coffee at a very young age.  In his teenage years, he started drinking instant coffee, although the "instant coffee granules" technology resulted in a weird taste. In his mind, he thought the more bitter the coffee was, the better it was.  At times, he had no choice but to add heaps of sugar, cream, milk, or all of the above.

He was mistaken about what makes good coffee, but didn't know it for many years.

Fast forward to the early-2010s when Ray stumbled onto a Tedx talk that BLEW his mind!  He finally found the essence to awesome coffee - freshness - fresh roasted coffee!  That Tedx talk was presented by Asher Yaron, the original brains behind the Power Roaster!  

With his technology background and pure love for coffee, Ray joined Asher in the quest to enable everyone to obtain an awesome fresh roasted experience, right in their homes and allow cafes to provide the same experience for their customers!